As you may know from my previous blog post, THE MOMENTS BY MELISSA is run by not only myself, but my husband Stan. I wanted to share our experience with running a business as husband and wife. You may or may not find it helpful, as every couple is different, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting.



I believe it’s really important to enjoy spending time with each other. Admittedly, I know some people would advise against it, but Stan and I really love that we can be together all day long. This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our hobbies separately. It means we devote a lot of time to discuss everything from our business goals to our future life vision. The more you talk, the more you’re on the same page with each other, and that makes it easier when connecting on a business and creative level.


This next point is very textbook, but play to each other’s strengths and delegate responsibilities. Stan likes technical things, so he spent numerous hours researching equipment and building our photography studio. While I am used to being behind a computer, so I created our website and enjoy editing photos.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t check in with each other though. Instead of contemplating something on our own, sharing our opinions gets the job done faster. Whenever I finish editing a batch of photos, I will “sign it off” by getting Stan to look over them. With his fresh perspective, we either find things to change or I have the confidence to say the photos are finished.


Have a positive business attitude. When we achieve one of our goals, even a hi-5 feels rewarding, but we also praise each other. Especially because I have genuine respect for Stan when he surprises me with something cool. On the other hand when we have our “failures”, we don’t put each other down. We encourage each other by moving on and focusing on working out a solution.


This is something that I am personally trying to work on, but I believe both parties should follow this rule to avoid burning out. And that is to not push yourself to finish everything, especially if it’s past your bed time. If you come across a problem, don’t set the expectation that you have to solve it right that moment. Give yourself the time to brainstorm better ideas. The benefit of running your own business is that you set your own “work hours”. After editing all day, I wind down by watching tv and I am learning not to feel guilty about that.


Don’t let your business become more important that your marriage and family. Your relationship is the root of all the goals you share together. Stan and I don’t do much or anything extravagant, but we make time for each other. We love nothing more than to chase after our favourite tv show together or jam to hip hop music. While you’re already stressed over business things, it’s these moments that help you both remain grounded about why you started this journey in the first place.

Thanks for reading
Love, Melissa

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